Our innovative video-streaming technology has been featured in USA Today.


Who We Are…

Live View Technologies specializes in remote camera installation with live video broadcasting from even the most off-the-grid locations. We have engineered energy conserving solutions for remote settings that utilize the latest advancements in internet and satellite connectivity, coupled with solar power, to provide ongoing live video streaming from locations that don’t have electricity or hard-wire communications.

Whether you want to check conditions on a busy intersection or a lonely stretch of rural highway, monitor dash cameras in real time, or view your project live from any location on earth – we’ve got the technology to put cameras where cameras have never gone before.

Key Live View Features:

  • Low Power Consumption: our technology runs on less power than a single light bulb
  • Green power technology: solar panels that can run on battery backup for ten days without a charge
  • High Resolution video
  • Unique connectivity technology provides wireless live video streaming from anywhere
  • Night Vision with targeted infrared lighting
  • Full pan, tilt, and 42x optical zoom functionality
  • Climate-controlled camera housing
  • Web interface for live camera control and viewing
  • Optional online image archival for easy access to historic camera footage
  • Access streaming video from any computer or smart phone without any downloads
  • Monitor live vehicle feeds while they are in motion, includes GPS coordinates